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Torre Pali

Summer is coming and you haven`t booked your holidays yet? Why not consider staying at the enchanting marina of Torre Pali in Puglia ?

Torre Pali in Puglia reviews

Looking for reviews for Torre Pali in Puglia ? Here is a small handbook to spend memorable holidays in Puglia .

If the amenity of a place were to be measured by the number of articles and reviews that are sent to it every year, there is no doubt that Torre Pali would occupy one of the first places in the ranking.

Every year, more and more, Torre Pali in the municipality of Salve welcomes visitors from all over the world, fascinated by the purity of its waters and the quality of the services available. Indeed, for 12 consecutive years, the marina and beaches of Torre Pali have been awarded the famous blue flag award from the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

An important milestone for this Ionian town, halfway between the Caribbean beaches of Torre San Giovanni and Santa Maria di Leuca . If you want to get a taste of this seaside destination take a look at the Torre Pali in Puglia photo gallery , this is a good way to start dreaming of your next trip to Ionian Salento.

Torre Pali in Puglia where it is located

If you are wondering where Torre Pali in Puglia is located we will try to illustrate its position in the most crystalline way possible. Below: Torre Pali in Puglia the map , to help you orient yourself better.

Torre Pali in Puglia from the map it can be seen that it lies on the coast of southern Ionian Salento, between Gallipoli and Leuca. Specifically, the distance between Torre Pali and Santa Maria di Leuca de finibus terrae, is 18 km. While the distance from Gallipoli, the ?Citt? Bella? is about 35 km.

Torre Pali has always been a small fishing village developed thanks to the presence of the inhabitants of the inland villages, such as the suggestive Presicce, renowned for its underground oil mills, and the ? mother city? of Salve.

The location of this seaside destination is really crucial. Just 3 km away are the incredible and well-known beaches of Pescoluse, its sister marina, with its Maldives of Salento . It is therefore possible to reach comfortably the neighboring towns in a few minutes by car or by bike.

In addition, staying in one of our holiday homes in Torre Pali you can visit the charming historic center of Morciano di Leuca, a short distance away.

In fact, why not treat yourself to a holiday of true discovery of the area? Traveling by bike means, in fact, living an authentic and profound experience of the place, its people, its morphology, the weather. Moving from one place to another by car, on the other hand, only means passing through it without establishing any contact with its founding elements.

The sandy beach of Torre Pali is then 46 km from Santa Maria al Bagno and from the park of Porto Selvaggio. Choosing to spend your holiday in Torre Pali in Salento then means finding yourself just a few km from Torre Vado , which in addition to its sandy beach is one of the most important starting points for boat trips throughout Salento.

Finally, we quickly point out the distances to the main tourist resorts of Salento: The property is 2.5 miles from Lido Marini 61 km approx. From the Baroque city of Lecce 55 km from the easternmost city of Italy: Otranto 19 km from the nearest Adriatic town, Gagliano del Capo.

What to do in Torre Pali

Have you been enchanted by the simple and ancient beauty of this romantic place and now you are wondering what to do in Torre Pali marina di Salve during your holidays?

First of all, an excellent pastime is to immerse yourself in Torre Pali in the crystalline sea , surrounded by fragrant shrubs of Mediterranean scrub . You will then have the possibility to choose in Torre Pali between bathing establishments or stretches of free beach. It is up to you, therefore, to decide whether to treat yourself to days of absolute relaxation preferring the comforts of equipped beaches or ?improvise? your days at the beach in the free stretches.

Your stay in this corner of Salento also means discovering traditions and legends transmitted from generation to generation.

For example, the myth linked to the island of the Maiden , an isolated rock about 100 meters from the shore and easily accessible by swimming.

Legend has it that, during a Saracen raid, the pirates landed on the coast of Salve, heading for the inland towns for the raids. On the way back, however, the pirates stopped at a farm and kidnapped a young girl to make her their slave. The girl, however, opposing her destiny as a servant and refusing her forced conversion, was destined to a brutal death ordered by Captain Dracut right on the islet off Torre Pali beaches .

The legend continues that the remains of the young woman, after being covered with sand and rock, were found after seven days by some fishermen. A smile was shining on her face and her eyes were turned towards the sky. During the days of calm it is said that, on the shore, the figure of a restless wandering girl appears.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to book your next holidays in Torre Pali in Puglia! Many surprises await you!